Safety protection

  • Supports the independent operation mode for safety protection even without connecting to the mobile phone
  • Prompt pre-warning when vehicle abnormality occurs. The pre-warning supports expansion
  • Comprehensive vehicle safety scanning and humanized fault reading
  • Self-analysis of vehicle faults and portable professional fault analyser
  • Automatic recording of vehicle data for easy location of troubles and problems

Energy and fuel-saving

  • Precise assessment of fuel consumption
  • An instant clear view of fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and fuel expenses
  • Fuel consumption map offers you a display of fuel usage with a difference
  • Analyses of behaviours such as acute acceleration and emergency braking
  • Prompts poor driving habits

For the car enthusiast

  • A dedicated HUD overhead display and instrument panel
  • Unlimited expansion of detection and pre-warning solutions
  • Comprehensive display of driving data such as time and spatial statistics, etc.
  • Offers everything from trend analysis and statistical report to map analysis
  • Supports hardware upgrades for constantly innovative ways to play