A type of OBD equipment with built-in GPS and that automatically records driving trips
Do you still have to wait for help because you cannot start your car as the battery is flat?
Do you still have to check for hidden problems at a repair venue because you are worried about safety during a trip?
Are you still feeling helpless about the fault light on the dashboard?
Are you still calculating how much oil you have consumed in a day using a calculator?

Supports independent operation when not connected to the mobile phone

No loss of any driving data so as to discover hidden problems with the car more easily.
Real-time reading of data with the APP when connected to the mobile phone
Operates independently when not connected to the mobile phone for non-stop recording of fuel consumption and number of acceleration and deceleration…
Data is transferred from the vehicle sensor to the TF card

Self-carried independent alarm

Do not miss out on any vehicle abnormality notifications!
Pre-warning of vehicle abnormalities can be done through different soundswhen not connected to the mobile phone
Voice broadcast through the APP when connected to the mobile phone

Bluetooth 2.0/4.0 dual-mode technology

Fully compatible with Android/iOS

Built-in GPS for double power-saving

Built-in GPS activated when connected to the APP so that the mobile phone does not heat up anymore
Automatically records the driving trips when away from the mobile phone

Smart power management

Low power consumption technology of sleep mode upon engine off and waking upon ignition
Prevent continuous release of power that damages the car battery

High performance processor

Ensures stable and highly-efficient data processing!
Upgradable firmware

Specification parameters:

Core processor: ARM Cortex-M3 internal core 32-bit processor
Communication: Bluetooth
Storage: Supports TF card expansion (≤8G TF card recommended)
Software platform: Supports Android / iOS
Dimensions: Length 46mm, width 23mm, height 36mm
Working voltage: 9V~15V
Working temperature: -40oF ~ 185oF
Working humidity: Lower than 60%
Models supported: OBDII agreement vehicles