• DIY self-defined dashboard, detection and pre-warning. Share self-defined solutions among users.
  • Display various driving data such as fuel consumption map and speed map using map tracking.
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Safety protection for driving

  • Self-analysis of vehicle faults and portable professional fault analyser
  • Comprehensive vehicle safety scanning and humanized fault reading

You can also play with the overhead display with the mobile phone

  • Supports horizontal, vertical, front and reverse HUD displays.

Powerful dashboard editor

  • Freely design the layout of the dashboard
  • Define the data content of the dashboard
  • Shake it to switch between themes
  • Round, semi-circular, striped and text dashboards selectable.

Voice broadcast to know the car's condition without looking at the screen

  • Design of pre-warnings yourself
  • Multiple combinations of trigger conditions
  • Set the prompt frequency yourself
  • Define the voice broadcast content yourself
  • Real-time voice broadcast of pre-warnings and prompts to know the car’s condition without looking at the screen

Self-service expansion of detection solutions

  • Independent snapshot diagnostic scenarios and trace diagnostic scenarios
  • Open vehicle sensor metadata
  • Self-defined trigger condition, end condition, data item and data collection
  • Various competition playing methods, such a gear-shift timing, acceleration performance and fuel-saving skills…

Comprehensive display of trip data

  • Data accuracy down to every step of the accelerator
  • The trend map re-creates the change in data of every sensor during the trip
  • The perfect combination of car condition data and tracking: fuel consumption map, tracking map, speed map…

Comprehensive trip statistics

  • Mileage statistics
  • Driving duration statistics
  • Departure time statistics
  • Average fuel consumption statistics
  • Fuel expenses statistics
  • Driving behaviour statistics

Constant expansion of online resources

  • Download resources shared by others
  • Share your own resources
  • Supports the download of dashboard, dashboard skins as well as detection and pre-warning solutions.

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